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By Emma Trizzino, Jun 15 2018 07:45PM

It's hot outside today, and it's important to stay safe while working in the heat. We keep stressing the importance of hydration not only our crews but also our plants. As crews are working away on the outside, we have been busy on the inside behind the scenes working to give our website and our blog a makevoer. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we work to get everything up in running. We are pretty excited, and can't wait to share everything with you.

In the meantime, here are some helpful tips on keeping your lawn safe in the heat:

1. Keep Grass Longer

Keeping the grass a little longer in the heat of summer helps. The roots are able to extend depper into the earth, keeping weeds from coming up and competing for water.

2. Sharpen Mower Blades

Not only is a sharp blade safer, its also more important in the hot months. Dull blades can cause grass to fray and brown.

3. Mowing Schedule Changes

Mowing less frequently and getting out in the early part of the day or holding out until the sun starts to go down will help keep the lawn cool and cut down on the brown spots that may appear.

4. Fertlizing

Depending on the type of grass, you can probably skip the fertilizer during the summer months. This will help avoid your lawns getting burned.

5. Water, Water, Water

Most lawns and gardens require about an ince of water per week to stay healthy. If we aren't getting that from rain, you must supplement with irrigation systems or sprinklers. No matter how the lawn is watered though, the time of day makes a difference! Rapid evaporation during the hottest parts of the day will cause issues, so try to get out during the morning hours.

Keeping your lawn healthy can be a challenge. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns, or maintenance questions.

Stay Cool!

By Emma Trizzino, May 14 2018 09:00AM

Keeping a beautiful lawn and landscape year-round requires hard work and dedication. It’s more than just mowing the lawn and raking the leaves on occasional weekends. Good lawn and landscape maintenance in the Quad Cities requires knowledge about grass and plant care, maintenance procedures and the use of lawn care products. Unless you have the time for year-round lawn care and maintenance, it’s best to hire a professional landscape company with proper knowledge, skill, experience and equipment. Below are four tips and tricks to use this spring that will help keep your lawn looking beautiful all year around!

By Emma Trizzino, Apr 20 2018 04:45PM

Spring brings an outburst of flowers that is quickly followed by sweet-smelling lilacs, brightly colored azaleas and many other beautiful trees and shrubs. This is the time of year when we will be taking advantage of the longer days to complete a variety of yard and landscaping tasks that will pay off with an attractive home landscape over the coming summer and fall months.

As we all know, May can be a busy time spent tying up the loose ends of 2017 projects, an abundance of patios and retaining wall, and oh yeah the semi load after semi load of nursery stock, but it’s important to make time for enjoying the beauty of the spring flowers and the birds and butterflies that follow the with warm temperatures. As our season is quickly getting underway, it’s important to contact us early if you want to make your outdoor vision a reality this year.

As graduation parties and backyard barbeques near, it's importnat to stay on top of your yard work. Here are some weekly tips that will break down the tasks and help your lawn look in tip-top shape!

• Lawns that are thin, lumpy or have heavy foot traffic will benefit from core aeration. The cores will quickly break down on top of your lawn and contain microorganisms that help break down thatch. Aeration insures that water and air are readily available to the grass plant’s roots. This is also a good time to stress the importance of following our 6 step-chemical application process. Contact Jason Peterson (563-355-8148) in our office to get on the aeration schedule or answer any questions you may have about our chemical applications!

• Finish cutting back dead tops of perennial flowers and any dead or broken branches in roses and other shrubs. Fresh mulch and weed control in your flower beds adds a lot of curb appeal to your home, and now would be the perfect time to do so!

• Mow your lawn any time the grass is 1 ½ times the normal height, For example if you mow at a 3” height, don’t let the grass get longer that 4-5”. You may need to mow twice a week during this time of year. More frequent mowing eliminates the need to bag or rake up clippings. If you are part of our weekly mowing contract group, we would love to hear from you! Please reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or even praises about our mowing team for this year.

• Fill containers with good potting soil and create attractive arrangements using tall plants for vertical lines; larger, brightly colored flowers for focal points; and a variety of complementary flower and foliage colors. Many attractive vining plants such as sweet potato vine will cascade over the edge of the containers and create a softening effect.

• Now is the time to prune spring flowering shrubs that have finished blooming. Older branches may be pruned to the ground; longer branches shortened, and any crossing and broken branches removed. Spent flowers on lilacs may be removed but it isn’t essential for getting good bloom next year.

Plant Maintenance

1. Remove spent blooms on tulips, daffodils and other spring flowering bulbs. The plant will put all of its energy into growing new bulbs. The leaves are needed to form new bulbs so leave them until they die in early summer.

2. Watering is very important for newly seeded lawn areas; new flowers, trees, shrubs, containers, and hanging baskets. Even established planting and lawns may need watering in May if we go 7- 10 days without a good shower.

What to Plant

1. Warm temperatures in early May tempt many to advance the planting season. However, petunias, begonias, coleus, impatiens and other warm-season plants will be damaged by freezing temperatures and are not safe to plant until after May 20th. Cool-season flowers and vegetables such as snapdragons, allysum, broccoli and cauliflower may be planted in early May.

2. Shrub plants make a great Mother’s Day gift and can be planted right after the holiday in an area with good topsoil.

3. For any gardeners out there, plant tomatoes, peppers and melons after all danger of frost is gone and the soil is warm. This is usually the last week in May. Plant tomatoes in a different spot each year to reduce fungus disease problems.

4. May is an excellent time to plant a shade tree or flowering tree in your yard. Visit the nursey at Greenspace Associates, or contact Tom (563-355-8148) to find the perfect trees for your yard.

Lastly, please stay up to date on all of our company information, photos, and projects by liking our Facebook page.